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About the Chairman

Charles S. Lazar was most recently a Managing Director at Wilshire Consulting International, heading up the push with institutional clients in markets outside the US domestic market. Wilshire is a diversified global financial services firm that serves in excess of 500 organizations in more than 20 countries, with combined assets exceeding $7 trillion (as of 12/31/10 based on data published in 12/26, 2011 issue of Pension and Investments). 


Mr. Lazar's mandate was to grow the scale of the international side of the Consulting business to rival what the US side of the organization achieved. He focused on attracting international Institutional clients such as pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, some of the larger family offices, and government agencies based in several of the fastest growing markets in Asia, Brazil, Mexico, most of the Nordic countries in Europe, the UAE and other Middle East markets. Client assets range between $3 billion AUM and $ 25 billion AUM with some of the Sovereign Wealth funds and Government related clients being well over $150 billion in size.


He spent the decade prior to that directing his own holding Company and financial services firm, Arel Asset Management, which was formed with partners from former DLJ Securities and Goldman Sachs with a focus on Global Institutional Asset Management mandates and Merchant Banking.


Prior to this, he held senior management positions in Morgan Stanley, Refco, and Merril Lynch.

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