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IQ-G’s Investor Partner Pools (“IPPs”) provide significant upfront capital in return for positions in the GP of proven managers. IQ-G seeks a long-term, fully-engaged partnership with Managers and their teams. The company is open to working with either discretionary or non-discretionary trading strategies. We are strategy agnostic and focused instead on the PM’s team and experience, background and strategy metrics. IQ-G is extremely selective, actively seeking strategies that meet specific performance benchmarks.


Together with our IPPs, initial capital infusions range from $100 million to $250 million, with a contractual commitment for follow-up investment capital to reach levels of between $300 million and $500 million — based on various factors — over a period typically spanning 24 months. Together with our IPPs, we commit to these levels of capital infusions based on fast-tracked pre-specified risk/return milestones, rather than taking years to build up to a desired institutional level asset base. This model is predicated on allowing our Trader/Manager partners to leverage their strategies to scale. Just like IQ-G, our IPPs are interested in long-term opportunities, providing the budgets required to see the managers reach consistently higher capacity levels.


We seek managers with investment strategies that yield an average return of at least 12%, with a Sharpe ratio of 2.0 or greater, a maximum P/T DD in the single digits, a minimum track record of 14 months, and a minimum capacity of $250MM — with a strong preference for strategies with capacities over $500MM.

What We Do

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